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Line Building  & Brand Development

Let’s create and build your shoe line together.

We focus on people and the environment. Make use of years of expertise as a producer? We are your partner. With knowledge, experience, passion and a super network, we produce the best shoes from design to production.


We offer a wide range of services; design, production planning, price negotiation, sourcing of materials, soles, lasts and accessories, but also size gradations, quality control, REACH testing,  packing, labeling and more. Read more >>


In all developments, such as setting up new parts within your company, we offer our help in answering all questions that come to you. Read more >>

Working together

We represent the interests of your company. We are committed to your product line. You make direct use of the capabilities of the factories we have been working with for years. These are factories where we know that they work according to the right standards and values. The interests of the employees are respected, their living and working conditions are observed as described in the code of conduct.


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