Corporate Social Responsibility

YCBS is a member of Clean and Unique. A Dutch organization for sharing knowledge and services in the field of sustainability in the Fashion, Textile and Shoe industry. The Clean and Unique Marketplace aims to connect buyers, designers and retailers with partners in the sustainable supply chain. 


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an item we cannot ignore nowadays. We comprehend the complexity of the apparel industry. Let us take responsibility and commit ourselves to being careful with our resources and materials. Respect for the people who manufacture the products and for the environment, wherever in the world.

Together with our suppliers, we are committed to a humane, environmentally friendly and sustainable production process.

More information about CSR can be found on the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency




We like to lead the way and inform you about what can be done on the production side to reduce the footprint.


The amount of clothes Americans throw away every year has doubled in the past 20 years? Oops. The average person not only buys more clothes but only keeps them half as long. Collectively, we are consuming and destroying fashion at a faster rate than our planet can handle, with more and more textile waste ending up in landfills. While we love fashion, we don’t want our clothes or shoes to destroy our planet. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to reduce our fashion footprint and still remain (sustainably) stylish.

What and how

Recycled material: There are already brands that use recycled components for certain parts of the shoes, from plastic bottles to coffee. We would like to follow this example. Our suppliers have the know-how in-house. What are we waiting for?

Natural materials:  Natural materials have the right properties. Air-permeable and biodegradable.

Fair wages: We work with factories that are transparent about where and how they produce. Do their employees get a fair wage? Do they work in safe conditions with access to things like healthcare?

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