About Yvonne:

For Yvonne Christ, it was in the 90th when she went to South East Asia and saw the backside fashion. This experience made her realize that things have to change!

In the year 2018 Yvonne Christ founded YCBS, her own Brand Studio that integrates both environmental and social justice. Working along with designers, and brands her studio is defining new sourcing strategies.

More about YCBS

YCBS is shaping new ways to have a positive and significant impact within the supply chain, through the right material choices and honest communication and avoiding greenwashing. We are convinced that in today’s fashion brands must pay attention to ethical and sustainable standards. We believe that the only desirable version of wealth is inclusive wealth, created through honest collaborations. We also believe that as a fashion brand, you can be much more than just a supplier of clothes and therefore, we aim to have a positive and inspiring influence on today’s society by conveying inspiring messages through our brand. necessary knowledge to take into account for the shoemaking and fashion industry. 

“Let’s work together and continue to explore the challenges of eco-friendly fashion!”

Design-proces & planning

We guide you through the process of from design to sampling. We choose the proper supplier together. Your design team can focus on their creative work while we handle the ‘making of’. All within  your deadlines.

In-house coaching

We can help you with: 

  • Time Management 
  • Productie vraagstukken 
  • Concept Development
  • Fabric Sourcing 
  • Range- planning 
  • Product specificatie
  • Mood Boards  

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