Sustainable production/sourcing

YCBS is your partner for responsible sampling and production

“Helping you create your brand and designs
with people and planet in mind.”

YCBS offers an extensive network of reliable producers, thanks to our experience as buyers/sourcers. Both within Europe (Portugal) and in the Far East (China). 

We help you find the production channels that suit your brand. Step by step we move towards improving your production process, becoming ethical and transparent.

YCBS is member of the Clean and Unique. A Dutch organization for sharing knowledge and services in the field of sustainability in Fashion, Textiles and Footwear industry. Clean and Unique’s  Marketplace aims to connect buyers, designers, retailers with partners in the sustainable supply chain.  

Sustainable production/sourcing 

We value the good long-term relationships we have with our suppliers and the circumstances under which your items are made. Sustainability policy is conducting research in the factories we use for manufacturing. Over the years we built a responsible network of suppliers and transparency for insights into the working conditions. 

Our services include the following: 

Sampling, salesman samples, ordering, quality control, monitoring and managing the production process, quality control. 

“Sustainable sourcing is the way forward”

We aim to enable our clients to source more sustainably. It is important that brands look at all angles of their production process to make sure sustainability is practised, deal with climate change, and promote ethical business practices.

As everyone working in the fashion sector is now committed to a more sustainable, more responsible and more ethical fashion industry, innovations in the field of eco-responsibility are continuing to progress and responses are multiplying making the virtuous circle a reality. Labels can now choose among a large range of solutions. YCBS can provide you with knowledge of innovative materials along with an understanding of apparel processes. All is done to enable environmentally-friendly sourcing that is adapted to your needs and criteria. 

Our product range: 

Footwear, Home textiles, Accessories, Bags, Life-style products Baby&kids. 


To be more sustainable we  focus on: 

  • organic material 
  • recycled materials 
  • biodegradability 
  • finishes with a reduced chemical impact, 

on the production process side we focus on: 

  • environmental-friendly, 
  • near-sourcing (within Europe) 
  • transparency, traceability 


More about YCBS 

YCBS is shaping new ways to have a positive and significant impact within the supply chain, through the right material choices and honest communication and avoiding greenwashing. We are convinced that in today’s fashion brands must pay attention to ethical and sustainable standards. We believe that the only desirable version of wealth is inclusive wealth, created through honest collaborations. We also believe that as a fashion brand, you can be much more than just a supplier of clothes and therefore, we aim to have a positive and inspiring influence on today’s society by conveying inspiring messages through our brand. necessary knowledge to take into account for the shoemaking and fashion industry.

“Let’s work together and continue to
explore the challenges of eco-friendly fashion!”

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